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  1. arul says:

    I am in love with 1 person we both have loved 2 years but now he is telling i cant marry you. I dont like you. But i am strong that he wanted to me plz give solutions and slogans to me to get back my lover with he need to love me . Give the Results of me for this Problem in am Virgo Kanni rasi Female.


    rajan Reply:

    To Arul: Don’t beg for love.It is a feeling& it should come automatically from somebody to some one. Don’t force him to love u.If he really loves you he will never leave u.


  2. srithar says:

    I am bachelor and planning to get married.I found a girl but not sure of our porutham.I am simmam rassi ,born on 21st Oct 1973.Whereas she is meenam rassi,born on 8th May 1975.Please let me know whether it is good or otherwise if got married.


  3. bhavatharini says:

    Kindly tell me how will be 2014 for me. My DOB is 26-11-1957 and I feel very depressed now a days. I want tomake a CD of my own. will I be successful?


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