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Nintendo & Mac Book For me

November 26, 2009 By: Admin Category: Review

With the recent technology, lot of gadgets had hit the market. Some are high techs and some are just too useless. I had make my wish to get some of those gadgets which I dreamed about. Some of these gadget hardly to be owned. Price offered at shop are more to expensive anyway

So, to get it at cheaper price I want to try to bid these gadgets. One of it is to fulfill the gaming aspect of mine, I wish to have the Nintendo.

NintendoThis gadget play normal DS games and the specialty is it supports new iPhone-app-like DSiWare, Besides that its can captures digital pictures/audio and utilizes SD storage.

To connect this gaming gadget, I want to combine it with my iPhone to add its functionality. I wished to upgrade my normal iPhone to iPhone 3G which have more functions. Sure you had heard about this famous gadget recently as below.

iPhone 3GS – Came out this year and was a stylish gadgets with superb function. Socialize and browsing are more easier with this gadget. Its had been upgraded from the earlier version of iPhone.

So the third gadget are the Apple Mac Book Pro. This newApple MacBook Pro brings a lot of new features to the table from the previous generation. So its worthy waiting for this exclusive gadget.

Mac Book Pro – It now have a large battery that gives long life, better display, faster processor, FireWire, SD-card slot with lower starting price. So it sound great for me.

What I have to do now? Search with the search engine where I can get all this gadgets at cheaper price than normal. The best way I think is to bid this thing at any auction site in owrld wide web. Sure there are alot of site in it which sells by bidding. Hope Ican achive my dream soon.

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1 Comments to “Nintendo & Mac Book For me”

  1. I am thinking along the same lines. I already have the Nintendo. Now, I am looking at the MacBook, what I think is the best laptop of them all. The price has just come down and its looking tempting :)
    Tim´s last blog ..Best Laptop Computer My ComLuv Profile


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