7 Responses to “List of RM200 Rebate Smartphones”

  1. MrLonely says:


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  2. Wong says:

    How to get this RM200 rebate?
    I have asked several shops for rebate, all of them said don’t know the procedure and steps.

    Please advice ASAP.



  3. khairil says:

    the rebate can now be used for all types of smartphones right? thank god, those ministers got some sense.


    admin Reply:

    Yes now there is no more RM500 cap


  4. Sam says:

    So sad, no more


  5. adam says:

    how it is if the phone i want is not listed? can i propose that or how?


  6. vani says:

    can we buy de smart phones in any shop with de rebate slip o only in selected shops? can we buy any other smart phones other den dis?


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