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  1. Stephen S says:

    Dear Sir,
    When I updated my ac yesterday, 3/1/13, the interest value was ACTUALLY LESS than 8.9 % for 2012. My ac was stable, since Dec 2011, yes since Dec 2011. How did they calculate the interest VALUE?? Similarly for previous years, never actually followed the declared interest rates. Why ?
    Your response would be most appreciated.




  2. Joe says:

    Dividend announced = 7.75sen per unit
    Bonus announced = 1.15sen per unit

    Let say you have rm50000 since Jan 3rd 2011:

    Dividend received = (50000/12)*0.775
    = 3229.17

    Assuming you only opened up asb account on Jan 3rd 2011

    Bonus received = (50000/120)*12*0.115
    = 575.00

    So total dividend received

    = 3804.17

    P/S:Assuming that you know the formula (searh the formula from ASB website) and didn’t take out or deposited any money into the account since Jan 3rd

    Hope this help.


  3. Joe says:

    Sorry…the date should be from Jan 3rd 2012


  4. cik ann iezan liangmoi says:

    hai stephen,you dont misundderstand what i’m write here,ok tq for your respone just now….cuma sy nak tau laa jika miss tahu bila agaknya tarikh bgi bonus dan dividen asb tu mcm taun lepas 8/12/12(2011)monday so sy cuma nk tahu bila goverment nk keluar kan tarikh i hope miss you understand what i mean ok so i want to apologies give you trabble and miss your time’sorry’…


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