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  1. vasan says:

    hope it will not be another MAIKA Holdings!
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    Admin Reply:

    if happen Najib will be in problem with his 1Malaysia


  2. Najib Suck My Dicks says:

    Please Do not buy the ASM thingy. Check the pnb website http://www.pnb.com.my for all the past performance of pnb asm. Think people, who will run the fund – Chinese, Indian or Malay. Not to be prejudice my malay friend, your maths are pretty sucks. Base on the past performance of ALL the funds they are losing money left and right according to the annual report (laporan tahun) they are ALL losing money but some how they able to give 7% or 8.5% dividend, I don’t know what you call it in Malaysia but in United States we call it Ponzi (or Madoff) scam. You gave him $1 and he gave you back 0.07 every year and you are happy but actually they are losing money on the investment. Read the annual report, my malay is very weak now but I can read something like “Kos” (The cost of the stock) and “harga pasaran” (The market value)

    and they are losing listen – average 35% in 2008 in most of the funds, how can they declare 7% dividend?


  3. Lirik Lagu says:

    Amanah Saham is really worth to invest
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  4. Nuraini Rani says:

    I went to 2 banks yesterday and the officers do NOT know how to explain, how it works and how does it benefit the applicant, How I’m gonna trust anyone with my money when you do not know how to tell me what are my gains….you must be trustworthy b4 some1 can trust you…wake up,please


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